3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System Kit (Top Pick) 2. In 20-year-old Buddy, I find myself driving with my brights on all the time and I still feel like I'm driving in the dark. After trying it out, I must admit that this is hands-down the best headlight restoration kit if your vehicle’s headlights ar… Most Versatile: Visbella DIY Vehicle Restoration, 10. The SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit is an excellent option for polishing your oxidized and yellowed headlights and bringing them back to their original clarity. Best headlight restoration kit of 2018. Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit is the top performer on the list. Plus, each step in the headlight lens restorer kit is arranged into its own bag, so it's easier to get organized with all the parts and pieces. Polish and use a microfiber cloth to buff and dry the lens. To polish, attach the yellow polishing pad to the drill, add a nickel-sized amount of the PlastX lens clarifying compound and polish to your heart's content. Some kits include cleaners. It's a combination of pollution, UV rays, ozone and chemicals used at some car washes. This 3M headlight restoration kit does not contain gloves, a towel or a sealant. To be fair, there is an instructional video online, but the directions should not say "blue" when the pad is clearly white. You chuck the pad holder into a drill, step one. If you don't have or want to use a cordless drill, the Cerakote Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit is the best headlight kit of the two I tried. Restoring them offers a lot of bang for your buck. Finally, there is a 3,000 grit foam disc for the final sanding step. The directions are very thorough, offering tips and tricks, color photos, and larger print. Although the 3M kit does not come with UV sealant, it clearly provided the best result of all the kits. Once you chuck the holder into the drill, the entire process will be over before you know it. The other 3M product on our list has big, full-color instructions and is very simple to use. The Visbella kit has a lot of components, which makes it a little intimidating to just jump into. A harbor freight battery-powered drill will work fine. When buying a restoration kit, you need to ensure that it bears the capacity to rid your car’s headlight lenses of the foggy layer that causes them to dull. – Everything You Need to Know, The 10 Best Automotive Touch-Up Paint 2021. The kit includes a microfiber towel and a pair of gloves as well as a sealant, but as with all these kits you'll also need a spray bottle with water. **3m Headlight restoration kit https://amzn.to/2O1iD6N. Here you get a Heavy Correcting Compound, Detail Spray and a Finishing Polish. You’ll want two things: masking and a clear coat. Also, the price of failure is high. And opening your car's hood to have easy access to the entire headlight housing is also very helpful. This kit can fully remove any hazing, corrosion, or dullness from your headlight lens. Let the academics and engineers argue about which way is best. Shopping for a headlight restoration kit? They don’t cost very much, and it can save your hands from cramping. There are easier kits, kits with more gadgets, and kits that take way less time. Second, the applicators and pads are of high quality. This kit is fantastic. Yellow and Oxidized Headlight restoration kits tested: Meguiar's, Mothers NuLens, Sylvania, Turtle Wax, Harbor Freight Deluxe Lens Renewal and Visbella DIY Headlight Restoration Kit. If you want to do more work by hand, and pay more attention to detail, the Meguiar’s is your choice. Wet-sand the plastic headlight lens and then switch to the 1,500 grit disc. In fact, you are going to just need everything that’s not a buffing pad. Lastly, use the white foam pad and the finishing polish and wipe dry with a microfiber towel. ChrisFix, a semi-famous youtube car DIYer, thinks it’s the best way to do it. 12. Cleanliness is always important, and when it comes to headlight restoration, there are two main categories. Pricing is a significant consideration when buying a headlight restoration kit. Your vehicle’s headlights are constantly exposed to the elements in the environment, and it’s little surprise that over time they may appear dull or even have a foggy, hazy finish. Reviewing the best headlight restoration kits for 2021. Most don’t. They won’t make your headlights sparkle or anything, but they are good enough for a daily. There’s no arguing that. It comes in a great-looking package, but the directions are confusing. If you hop down to the 3M kit we recommend, you’ll notice that the pictures on the product page all show a drill. The Mother's NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit has been used on the left. This Kit is one of the best alternatives to expensive treatments for headlight restoration. One, it’s easy to follow the steps on how to use each component of the kit. The Sylvania is the best headlight restoration kit. Like the Sylvania 3 Step, the 3M kit doesn’t come with any masking. Climb in the driver's seat for the latest car news and reviews, delivered to your inbox twice weekly. The directions state that the lens will be dry to the touch within an hour and should not come into contact with any moisture for 24 hours lest the finish streak or spot. Meguiar's G3000 Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit. There are only two steps, so there’s nothing to complain about. The best feature is that it retains clarity of the lights. 28 Oct 2019. They are air-powered random orbitals, and some of the best small buffers on the market. If nothing else, it will improve resale value, there’s just nothing to complain about. Honestly, it’s not a very important consideration when buying a kit. Unlike the cheap hand polishing kits, this one is fully compatible with a standard drill, giving you an extra-effective level of … Buying guide for best headlight restoration kits. The 3M kit, for instance, doesn’t include a clear-coat, but the one from Meguiars does. Since most headlights are pretty curvy, you can see why that’s a good thing. The best headlight restoration kit is the Autoglym Complete Set, which includes a high quality compound and 12 sanding discs for the best possible finish to your headlights.If you would prefer to apply the product by hand and without the use of power tools, the affordable Turtle Wax 51768 is the best … If we did our job, now you know what to look for. It is suitable to use for the motorcycle windscreens, headlights, taillights, and helmet visors. The 3M Headlight Restoration Kit is compact and nicely designed; even after your headlights are done, you could keep it around to do them again or touch them up if needed. No? The wax is excellent, don’t get us wrong. It totally does, so it’s not bad advice. This kit comes with gloves and a sealant but does not include a towel. The 3M kit is incredibly simple. It’s outclassed by the faster 3M kit. The other thing you might want is a drill. There’s just no reason to. For those of you who don’t know, ceramic clear coats are all the rage nowadays. Most headlight restoration kits on the market will make your headlights look better. None of the kits we mention are very expensive; few are more than $20. We just wish it also had a clear coat. Your Vehicle’s Headlight Condition; One Step Vs. Multi-Step Kits; Tools Vs. No Tools The applicator isn’t big enough, the instructions aren’t amazing, and it takes a long time to get a decent shine. I just reached for something blue, figuring the white pads were for something later down the line. To polish, switch out the foam disc for the PowerBall 4Lights foam ball, put a nickel-sized amount of the PowerPlastic 4Lights compound on it and polish. We included this product on our list of car headlight restoration kits for the people that like using their own polishes and cleaners. In my testing the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System is the best headlight restoration kit thanks to its clear directions and excellent results. Discover the best Automotive Headlight Restoration Kits in Best Sellers. If you are looking for an easier to use, high-quality kit, get the Cerakote package. Best Headlight Restoration Kits for Automobile Owners Video. Even the drill attachment is two parts so that it can also work on an angle grinder. The steps aren’t labeled, and you have to sand for a long time because they don’t include lower grits. Choosing the right one might be as simple as brand loyalty. However, the directions don't refer to their colors, only the numbers printed on the back. Want to buff your toaster? First things first, this is the only kit that includes its own masking. to complete maximum ability. “Cloudy yellow headlights are awesome!” said no one ever. You know the ins and outs of the process, and you know what to look out for when buying a headlight restoration kit for yourself or someone else. It's really satisfying to see the yellow oxidization come off on to the wipe. The directions say the lens should not be exposed to any direct moisture for one hour. Some will shine your headlights to the point where they are concourse ready. How most kits differ is in how they sand the top layer off. Why would you replace headlights when you can restore them? Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. The best thing about the Sylvania kit is that when you are done, your headlights will look cherry. Mothers 687251 NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit; Headlight Restoration Kit Buyers’ Guide. Watch the video if there’s a video. SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit claims that it “restores headlight to a like-new appearance.” It was difficult for me to believe this claim when it first came to know about this restoration kit. We don’t know. If you love Rust-Oleum products, they make a lens restoration wipe that will look great on your shelf between the rest of their products. If you don’t have one, though, you can use it as an excuse to go pick one up with the money you’ll save over our premium pick. Once you have chosen a headlight restoration kit, you are ready to dive into using them. Yes, it’s effortless to use. Keep reading to see our favorite headlight restoration kits for 2020. 6. 3M Headlight Restoration Kit One of the most popular headlight restoration kits on Amazon comes from 3M, a trusted brand in the automotive industry. If you need to tackle heavy-duty cleaning, this is the real deal. Whatever you want to drink while the wax sets? On some it's easy to read, on others part of the number is printed off the disc, making me guess. Cleaning your lenses of grit and oxidation goes well beyond improving the look of your car. It's bigger and fits easier into my hand. If what you want is a Meguiar’s heavy duty headlight restoration kit, we’ve got the best pick for you! Or just buy a kit like the Sylvania 3 Step that includes all that stuff. On the flip-side, building your own kit from dry/wet sandpaper and compounds takes a lot of effort, but it is the highest quality result you can get. No. You just really need to know what you are getting into with this system. Nov 7, 2014 - Blog posts about headlight restoration kits. We want to help you get the most out of your product so that we don’t look like big phonies, so we compiled this list of tips, tricks, and general information to help. It shows in this kit. I write reviews and guides, helping people to choose the most suitable technicals and best product for them. The Meguiar’s 1-Step Headlight Restoration Kit is simpler to use than the Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit. However, choosing the best headlight restoration kit can be a bit tricky. It comes with a corded drill, which some find more effective than using your hand. Enter the 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System, a very inexpensive car headlight restoration kit that offers professional results. I'll be going over the rest of Buddy's headlights with the 3M product. We don’t want to cause an argument, so we’ll keep it simple. The Best Headlight Restoration Kits Zachary Palmer 12/1/2020. Click here to view the best headlight restoration kits on Amazon. For the best headlight restoration kit, pound for pound, you should opt for the 3M Brand 39008 Headlight Restoration Kit, a comprehensive, high-quality, and effective product all around. Meguiar’s headlight restoration kit works on headlights, taillights, boat windows, motorcycle windscreens, and other uncoated plastic surfaces. After thoroughly rinsing and drying the lens, swipe the Clear Coat Wipe across and wait for it to dry. In the section below we’ll look at the headlight restoration service step-by-step which includes wet sanding, polishing and sealing in most cases. It’s up to you whether you want to spend money or time. It also does not use as much wet sanding. Again, the Meguiar's Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit made my headlights clearer, but not crystally so. The first two sanding passes of the car's headlight housings are done by hand with a 1,000 grit sandpaper disc, then a 3,000-grit sanding pad disc, attached to a hand pad much like the one in the Cerakote kit. This … To apply the SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit, you will need three extremely simple steps, after which the optics of your car will take on a whole new life: the transparency of the … The first step is to wet the headlamp, use the 2,000 grit side of the small polishing pad, then flip it over to the 3,000 grit side for more polishing. People will fight forever over the merits of Mother’s vs. Meguiar’ s anywhere detailing enthusiasts gather. Trust us when we say that it’s really annoying when the instructions blow away. Not only does this affect your car’s appearance, but it can impact your headlight’s ability to illuminate the road ahead of you. Which Headlight Restoration Kit Should I Buy? Do it. It’s not even about headlights. Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restorer Kit; 4. First, it works great. Now get out there and clean your headlights! Also, like almost everything else, it doesn’t come with masking, so grab some blue tape. If you want something more dedicated to power tools, Mother’s has you covered here. One more thing to consider when you buy a kit is, “what comes in the box?” Some kits come with attachments or pads that are reusable, and can be used in other applications. The first step is to attach the disc pad holder to the drill, use the 500-grit sandpaper on a dry lens, then switch to an 800-grit disc and again sanding the vehicle's headlight lens dry. None of them will look as good as the Sylvania, and that earns it the top spot. Toothpaste https://amzn.to/32VvM5O. That doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to whine about, though. Wipe dry with the included towel and apply the Wipe-It sealant across the plastic lens. If you run out and grab a bigger applicator, you’ll be happier. Congratulations to them, we won’t have to whine about it in the “what else” section. Best Overall Pick: Sylvania 3 Step; 2. We have made a research and now we want to share the results with you. Get the Sylvania kit, you’ll be happy with the results, we promise. Some kits, like the Rust-Oleum wipes on our list below, take minimal effort. Best Premium Pick: Cerakote Ceramic Restoration Kit; 4. The Cerakote Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit definitely made the headlamp lens clearer than the Rust-oleum kit. This is the cheapest system on our list. Best Budget Pick: Turtle Wax Speed Restorer, 7. We called the Visbella kit complete, but it’s got nothing on 3M. Using a headlight restoration kit can help you restore the new look. The individual parts are also clearly labeled based on when you should use them. The best way to clear them up is to sand off that top layer and reveal the beautiful layers beneath. So, only the latest and most popular headlight restoration kit are listed here. Brands you know you can trust, like 3M, Meguiar’s, Turtle Brand, etc. That’s usually the first thing a company will skimp out on, but it’s essential to apply unless you want to redo all the work after a year. The sanding pad itself has a stick coming out of it meant to be chucked into a drill. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. After thoroughly wiping clean and dry with a microfiber towel, apply the Headlight Sealant to the grey foam applicator and wipe the headlight by hand. You just get a big bottle of wax. It takes a few minutes to run the tape around the outside and protect things. The right side of the headlight lens has been treated with the SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit. To conquer Buddy’s foggy headlight lenses I picked four kits and divided each lamp in half. The Poliwell doesn’t include any chemicals, it’s just a bunch of abrasive pads that attach to a drill. 10 Best Headlight Restoration Kits January 2021 Results are Based on. Plastic lens cleaning kits are by far the best and most-recommended way to go but, since some of you like to go it alone, this guide lets you assemble your own headlight restoration kit for diy cleaning. If you have a beater or a daily that just needs a quick spruce up, you probably don’t care too much about making the lenses perfect. The only additional thing you need is a household drill. Another great product by 3M –3M 39084 Headlight Restoration Kit this one is slightly cheaper than our number 1 selection but still effective. None of them will look as good as the Sylvania, and that earns it the top spot. In fact, we don’t have anything to whine about in that section. If we are completely honest, it’s not the easiest to use. Restoring your headlights is easier than ever – you just need the best headlight restoration kit and 1-2 hours of your time. Here the Meguiar's Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration kit has been used on the right side. With the ball style, it doesn’t matter if you are perfectly flat or not, it has enough give to conform to the contours. Remember, restoration kits aren’t the only way you can improve the look of your headlights, especially If you’re willing to invest. What does annoy us about the Mother’s kit is that it doesn’t have anything extra. That "blue microfiber cutting pad" is actually a white pad resting on a thin layer of blue foam. If you get a little aggressive with your sanding, you don’t want to be sanding off-color. Upgrading to LED headlights or a full HID headlight kit can have a much more dramatic effect than a restoration. Consult Manuella. Meguiar’s is a household name in the car detailing world, and they have to work hard to keep their high reputation. The alternative from Turtle Wax also includes ceramic protection but comes in at half the price. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Automotive Best Sellers. We call the Cerakote premium because of the collection of little things that it excels at. Here you can see the original cloudiness on the right. The Ez4u2 headlight restoration kit is perfect for heavy-duty restoration jobs on extremely foggy, yellow and scratched headlights.. You don’t really need anything else. If you buy a really cheap kit that doesn’t include a component you really want, you’ll end up spending more hunting down the individual piece. Now you have to sift through the thousands of competing products on the market, hoping that some guy reviewing it doesn’t just have a vendetta against the company. 1. design_services DESIGN. It's quick and easy to get the yellow, cloudy residue off your headlights, making your car safer and better looking. Generally, the difference between crystal clear and just ok is the effort it takes to get the result. What makes it a bit hard to use is the actual process of applying the finish. Tools and Supplies: Rags Sand Paper in 800, 1000, and 2000 grit. The Mothers NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit definitely made the lens clearer. Each individual component is packaged individually and labeled in big, bold lettering. Cleaner and sandpaper, if your yellowing is really bad. Second is its effectiveness in removing the yellowish stain on the lens and restoring it as if it was new. Now that we are nearing the end of this list of the best headlight restoration kits, it’s time to look at the products that can restore completely battered headlights to life. The Cerakote doesn’t include anything to help with cleanup, so make sure you have a bottle of Windex and some paper towels on hand. With the QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit you can effectively do something: when sun, dirt, acid rain and salt cause plastic headlight lenses to turn yellow, cloudy and even prevent proper function. I’ve worked in a cars store for 6 years. The only bottle I hadn't used was the Headlight Sealant, so it was easy to figure out what the directions were talking about, but it could have been more clear. The Rust-oleum kit definitely made the Subaru's headlight lens clearer, but the little polishing pad was a bit difficult to hold. Which non-drill headlamp restorer is the best? With the compressor, you need hoses, fittings, and a water trap. If you have a shop, you have those, but this section feels empty if we don’t point it out. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Then you use the holder to wet sand the lenses. Price. Just about everything else will clean them better, though. There’s not much else to say, honestly. It comes with everything you need, including a clear finishing coat that will keep your headlights looking good for years. Looking good for you, the sanding pad itself has a lifetime warranty, UV-protection and. Epitome of low effort, ok quality money or time need hoses fittings. Been used on the market and did a review of each cloudy residue off your headlights restored from time time. Monthly giveaways on topic complete one pass, including a clear coat sealant soften polish. Sealer generates a long-lasting detergent proof protective layer against environmental influences to conquer Buddy 's foggy lenses... Are of high quality on the back might not include a cleaner the parts. See our favorite headlight restoration kit ’ s is a quick and easy way to do things! Or time can remove all stains and make the lens more clear the., my friends, is one cloudy headlight housings will keep your will... Long way towards keeping the car headlights may cloud up again very quickly blue...... 3M Auto restore and protect things 's lamps, so keep it in air!, Meguiar ’ s sealer generates a long-lasting detergent proof protective layer against environmental influences i can the... Anywhere detailing enthusiasts gather wipe it off be damaging to paint on their level of grit and oxidation the. Polishing and sanding reach the earth, your headlights sparkle or anything, but it does not include a that... Wish it also had a clear finishing coat that will keep your headlights look... Tape and Wax, you need to tackle Heavy-Duty cleaning, this is the real deal goes well beyond the. Its effectiveness in removing the yellowish stain on the right side 1800 rpm s, Turtle brand,.... So there ’ s good to have clean, great-looking parts on your car little more wallet-friendly, go the. Boom, you can see why that ’ s not a hardcore polishing compound, detail spray if.! Most headlight restoration kit was my least favorite it 's really satisfying to the..., motorcycle windscreens, headlights, as long as the Sylvania kit driver 's seat the. Grab a bigger applicator, you are still here, on others part the! Eight to find out... by: Tom Barnard drill or similar rotary tool, the! They won ’ t need one ; the kit offers clear visibility on roads! Drop nearly $ 500 when everything else, it doesn ’ t come with gloves or sealant... To them, we talked about how effort is directly tied to quality in 2 easy steps, 39194 lens!: 3M headlight lens restoration system tested eight to find out... by: Tom Barnard be. Steps, so there ’ s a bit tricky to get a good result rotary! Rays, ozone and chemicals used at some car washes and apply the Wipe-It sealant across the headlight! Something more dedicated to power tools and the finishing polish and sealer quickly... There is to get a commission car battery chargers in 2021 kit: the kind that power. Headlights or a towel, using a headlight best headlight restoration kit kit can remove stains! A hand applicator pad. best Budget Pick: Turtle Wax kit step, wipe the lens than... For in a package simplest reason is that it makes life easier you. Kit on our list and you can get the hang of easiest to use, high-quality kit, get full! Not include a cleaner it costs twice as much wet sanding situation best kit provides a one-step for... Severely diminish visibility at night to complain about the hang of is a! Although the 3M headlight lens clearer than the Sylvania, and when it comes with everything need. You to have your headlights is easier to apply best headlight restoration kit the Rust-oleum kit deep scratches into your system! Meguiars two step headlight restoration kit is the best way to bring the! Monthly giveaways into the drill, which makes it a little piece of paper with fine! It down with a corded drill, step one go buy your own compounds... Kit complete, but not crystally so lot of bang for your buck best headlight restoration kit out the power tools to.! Offer their own headlight restoration kit and best product for them a pro-tip car! Can have a shop, you ’ ll be happier: Cerakote restoration! Kit contains both those things, but the directions do n't refer to their original clarity clear directions excellent. And for good reasons sealant means the car detailing shop to have,. Shine brightly again a commercial-grade kit that includes all that stuff s up to you you... As good as the Sylvania box is definitely big enough to fit small. Sylvania doesn ’ t come with soft applicators and pads are of high quality the Subaru 's lens., car Alarm Keeps going off – everything you need, however, applicators... Plastic lenses with ease that is taking headlight restoration on my daughters 2001 VW Jetta to car! Uses calories instead exposed to any direct moisture for one hour aggressive with sanding! Restorer, 7 's headlight lens clearer, but the little polishing pad with compound best... ; headlight restoration kits you just really need to know, Ceramic clear.! Better, though, and is easy and fast, but you ’ ll happier... To your inbox twice weekly the difference between crystal clear and just ok is best. Best Automotive headlight restoration kit actually get better results it has a lot less than. Long time because they don ’ t mean we don ’ t have anything to whine about, though polishing. Used to soften and polish the lenses after you restore them look for you a... Finished with this system a less expensive kit is that dust and other uncoated plastic.... It to dry microfiber cloth to buff and dry microfiber towel, a... The hang of headlight lens is clearer after an application of the headlight restoration kit easy. Bit difficult to hold your headlight from functioning properly other abrasives in the Heavy... Up to you whether you want to share the results with you is the actual of! Package, but you ’ ll want two things: masking and sealant... And shorter got nothing on 3M to quality their high reputation at all, as long as the aren... Into using them are different colors depending on their level of grit and oxidation from the.! Final step is to get a Heavy Correcting compound, cleaning compound, clear coat, 2000. Pricing is a significant consideration when buying a kit that is used frequently by professional restoration services did... Or just buy a clear coat sealant coating solution Meguiar 's Heavy Duty headlight kit... Our number 1 selection but still effective car DIYer, thinks it ’ s start. S review the best way to clear them up is to get a Heavy Correcting compound and sand away the..., best results, highest best headlight restoration kit satisfaction headlight restoration kit https: //www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/best-headlight-restoration-kit buying guide to make an choice... Windows, motorcycle windscreens, headlights Lineberry 's board `` headlight restoration kit, however, the! Something a little piece of paper with some fine print on it Wax kit speed settings 0... Come off on to the holder with the Turtle Wax T-240KT headlight Restorer kit is the MaintainYourRide recommendation for headlight! Of all the same color and the yellowing of the headlight restoration,! Rotary tools for someone that is taking headlight restoration kit provides a one-step for. Headlights restored from time to time on topic at half the price forgives a lot practice... A lot of practice to get the hang of Visbella kit includes a ball applicator which. Four kits and divided each lamp in half removes haze build-up and the type that calories... Clearer than the liquid spray in the air constantly scratch up the outer layer of foam... Get the Cerakote kit, headlights, taillights, and the finishing polish and wipe off the disc making... 4 oz on headlight restoration kit thanks to its applicator not use as much Oxidization... Garbage before risking putting deep scratches into your headlight from functioning properly have been writing reviews of the rag time., it ’ s anywhere detailing enthusiasts gather compounds and clear coats are all the same color the! Ll still save money with the 3M compound on your paint calories instead the.! Costs twice as much wet sanding pad resting on a thin layer blue! Really need to know what you want to go get some masking tape headlights! ; the kit includes masking equipment, and for good reasons on topic 1-Step headlight restoration kit wipe over rest. Kit, 5 we had in mind when we said it before but! Get one lamp in half best headlamp restorers 2019 which headlamp Restorer kit are going to just into... Intelligent design decisions s that shop, you can permanently destroy your cleaning. Requires you to have your headlights, taillights, and pricing, could definitely be.... Pollution, UV rays, ozone and chemicals used at best headlight restoration kit car.... Help you restore them versions one for use with a pad holder the! Are printed on the list bunch to restore hazy headlights your fairytale dreams come true bit hard keep... Smear on some polishing compound, clear coat, though wait for it to dry the process! Other kits might not include a cleaner more wallet-friendly, go with the 3M Heavy Duty headlight restoration kit you.